Making Waves: Importance of Environmental Sound with Alëna Korolëva, Mike Hoolboom and Heather Frise (Audio)

Jul 08, 2023
Produced by New Adventures in Sound Art.

Sound from the natural world and the urban environment are not background sounds for film and other experiences but rather they are sounds rich in associations and meaning. They are deserving of foreground attention. Filmmakers Mike Hoolboom and Heather Frise along with sound artist Alëna Korolëva join Host Darren Copeland to discuss the importance of environmental sound in their thinking and work. Hoolboom and Frise's film "Listening (with Hildegard Westerkamp)" and Korolëva's soundscape piece "Accidental Wilderness" will be presented in an upcoming online World Listening Day event on July 15 at 7 pm that is hosted by NAISA. Selections from those pieces are shared in this episode.