Live from Fridman Gallery: Erik DeLuca and Matt Evans live from the CT::SWaM Plasticity Office at Fridman Gallery (Audio)

Aug 13, 2023

Radio, Ctrl, Diffuse

Erik DeLuca and Matt Evans will each share an in-progress performance that poetically diffuses and resists issues of power, fidelity, and supremacy nestled into specific sounds of everyday life. In response to the sensitive snare drum compositions Alvin Lucier developed, Evans will take a non-percussive approach to performing the snare drum while questioning the instrument's often hidden origin as a military technology. Similarly, DeLuca will reflect on how radio broadcasters purchase white space (guard band frequencies that they don’t use) around a desired station to avoid interference.

Erik DeLuca is an interdisciplinary artist and experimental musician. Drawing from on-the-ground research and archival inquiry, his current site-responsive process is about technologies of dispossession, reparations, and fraught geopolitical memory culture.

Matt Evans is a Brooklyn based drummer and producer creating electro-acoustic music that considers the interconnectedness of landscapes, both real and imagined.