Office Hours: Angela Dimayuga, Chef (Audio)

Oct 28, 2018
Produced by Food New York.

Angela is a bad-ass chef, artist, icon, political force, food-boss. We've wanted to be like her ever since we met her.

Angela's interview originally aired on October 26, 2018.

Angela Dimayuga is the Creative Director of Food and Culture at Standard International. As Creative Director, she blends art and food cultures to create unique culinary experiences. A chef based in New York City, she is a multi-disciplinary food industry creative often partnering with other creatives: artists, designers, scientists, performers, farmers, and activists. As the former Executive Chef of Mission Chinese Food in New York, Angela helped modernize the culinary conversation of Asian-American cuisine, and was recognized as Best Chef 2015 by New York Magazine, nominated for a 2016 James Beard award, and named Rising Star Chef by Star Chefs in 2017. Interested in future urban farming, she recently worked with Smallhold Farm, NYC's only certified organic mushroom farm, and partnered to install the first mushroom farm in a restaurant. Up next, they will partner to build one in a hotel. She co-founded a lesbian QTPOC party called GUSH in 2017. In addition to her role at The Standard, she is the Culinary Curator and Associate Artist for Performance Space New York, as well as Culinary Advisor for The Lower East Side Girls Club.

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