Itinerant Mind: Alternative Airport (Audio)

Oct 21, 2017
Performed by Morrad + McArthur.

This month’s program is based around field recordings captured at Sydney International and Nanjing airports in 2015 that are mixed into earlier experiments that we revisit and redirect. We have dubbed this with sax, electronic and guitar improvisations recorded during the past month in Australia and the UK. These sonic assemblages explore how we might otherwise work with material we are developing for our contribution to a group exhibition program in the UK and Australia during 2018.

Curator Dr Angela Bartram (Lincoln School of Fine and Performing Art / College of Arts, University of Lincoln) invited Morrad+McArthur to participate in “Documents, Alternatives”, a year-long exhibition program at Airspace Gallery (Stoke on Trent): 17 November-16 December 2017; Verge Gallery (Sydney): 18 January-24 February; B-Side Gallery (Bath Spa University): 20 April-11 May 2018, and ONCA Gallery (Brighton) as part of Brighton Digital Festival: 21 September-8 October 2018.

As ever in our work, the textures generated link themselves together through time, meeting each other through random actions seeking continuity, but originating from disparate places.