Radio Concrète: #32 (Audio)

Aug 02, 2021
Created by Hagai Izenberg.

An amalgamation of fragmented events with a focus on Arabic hauntology and Bedouin poetry; decomposing and recomposing the material to reveal latent features which persist regardless of this ongoing decontextualization, reallocating our gaze from meaning to contour.

Field recordings and radiomixes by Hagai Izenberg
Broken vinyl, reel and modular textures by Cerpintxt
Cerpintxt - What am I but tar (Lucrecia Dalt remix)
عنیز ابو سالم الترباني Various poems by
Cerpintxt - Garat al wadi remix (Mohammed Abdel Wahab)
Cerpintxt - Field recordings from Wat Pa Tam Wua
Umm Kulthum - Al Atlal
Cerpintxt- The slope is this way
Cerpintxt - Prosthetic sentiments
Fiala & Cerpintxt - Telepathic sessions (fragment)
Hagai Izenberg - Casio sampling
Hasan Gemiaan - Kelma (an incredible ‘amateur’ musician I had the pleasure of recording)
Hasan Gemiaan - Fouk el nakhl IG: @cerpintxt