Tracking The Odds: Toshio Kajiwara and Taketo Shimada (Audio)

Sep 20, 2018
Produced by Roulette Intermedium.

A sound installation/performance recorded at Roulette on May 15, 1999. Entitled Ferris Wheel, the piece is designed as a sonic flashback museum of digital samples, an archaeology of ideas, and a post-war musical journey. Toshio Kajiwara is a sound artist and a stage director based in Kyoto, Japan. His obsessive interest in archiving obscure recordings from times past evolved into a series of performances using old phonograph players and magnetic tape machines in the early 90’s, working with artists such as DJ Olive, Christian Marclay, Shelley Hirsch, Aki Onda, Raz Mesinai, Marina Rosenfeld and many more. Taketo Shimada is a visual and sound artist, born in Tokyo and living in New York, whose work explores contemporary variations on the Drone formula pioneered by La Monte Young’s Theatre of Eternal Music, Yoshi Wada, and other Fluxus tone-worshippers.