WGXC Afternoon Show: Abinadi Meza (Audio)

Jun 24, 2023

Wave Farm artist-in-residence Abinadi Meza presents his residency project Surrounded by Colors We Could No Longer See live from the WGXC Acra Studio. Surrounded by Colors We Could No Longer See explores the sounds of electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies emitted by natural forces and our built environment, such as very low frequencies, ultraviolet light, infrared light, visible spectrum light, lightning phenomena, etc. At Wave Farm, Meza engaged with “colors” of sound, noise, and waves in order to compose new experimental sound works for installation and transmission.

Meza's broadcast concludes with a sampling of works by composer and artist Maryanne Amacher (1938 – 2009), who he admires for her work in spatial music and the physicality of sound.