Itinerant Mind: Half Remembered (Audio)

Jun 16, 2018
Performed by Morrad + McArthur.

This month’s Itinerant Mind draws on our very recent raw and static streaked telematic jams. But additionally, Annie has been hitting the streets of the British capital for our project "The Grid”. We delve into three interviews with Londoners Chila Kurmasi Burman ruminating on the patriarchy and neglected pavements, Claire Grey expounding on Peckham, the great storm, hipsters, gentrification, and mudlarking on the Thames, and Josie Munro reminiscing about an ill-fated family outing and her love of dancing. You will also hear excerpts from past jams mixed through with field recordings from destinations as far apart as the invisible megacity of Chongqing, Sydney, and the football at Wembley each in its own way emblematic of our preoccupations. Notably, the Wembley recording has been smeared through with earlier telematic recordings of Annie's sax (with accompanying rain) and suitably dissonant piano and guitar dubbed in.