Itinerant Mind: Phone vs. Fone (Audio)

Sep 17, 2016
Performed by Annie Morrad and Ian McArthur.
Welcome to the monthly Itinerant Mind broadcast with Morrad+McArthur. Annie Morrad is based in the UK and Ian McArthur is currently based in Chongqing in South West China. Every month Itinerant Mind presents a mix of telematic improvisations and sound art developed through the email and skype conversations that direct our collaborative sound art practice and live online performances. Continuing the thematic of the street, this month Ian asked Annie to send him as many new short recordings of sax as possible. These have been processed and/or layered into a complex mix with similarly brief field recordings captured from the Chongqing environment on a mobile phone. Unlike most of our other productions this mix features no other instruments or synth-based sound sources. The Phone vs. Fone mix is comprised only of processed and remixed saxophones and mobile phone.