House with a View (Audio)

Dec 11, 2019
Created by Susan Stone (1985). Introduced by Karen Werner.
House with a View was created by American radio artist Susan Stone who has kindly contributed the piece, which is not widely available, to the Wave Farm Radio Art Archive. Stone had her start in radio at WBAI in NYC in 1979 producing a radio show called Radio Schizophonia with fellow radio artist Gregory Whitehead. She was involved for many years with Pacifica Radio KPFA-FM in Berkley California. Stone wrote to me about the process of creating House with a View, which was inspired by her short radio piece called Couch, which is also included in the Archive. You can actually hear clips of Couch and another of her shorts, Langue Etude, in the longer piece House with a View Stone writes, “I wanted to play with the sonic construct of moving through rooms, sounding out what might have transpired within each one. At the time the tech-play was setting up long acetate tape loops, threaded through standing audio tape decks, the tape crisscrossing my studio like a cats cradle...This created a choral outcome through the chance operations of phrasing —- how one voice became many with timing variations, one sentence at a time.” - Introduced by Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow 2019/2020, Karen Werner.