The Jazz Disturbance: Robert Lee (Audio)

May 03, 2020
Produced by Cheryl K.
This broadcast features an interview with Toronto-based bassist Robert Lee. “Lee’s music is a compelling hybrid of modern chamber music, jazz, and contemporary folk. This album is inspired by the bands of Brian Blade and Christian McBride; the intimate songwriting of artists like Bon Iver and Iron & Wine; and the emotionally provocative films of the great Hayao Miyazaki,” Orange Grove Publicity. His self-released debut is called “Ascension.” Interview recorded on April 29.

Show playlist
Artist / Song / Title / Label
First hour
Lisa Rich/We’ll Be Together Again/Highwire/Tritone [5:19]
Eric Reed/Everybody Gets the Blues/Everybody Gets the Blues/Smoke Sessions [5:28]
Robert Lee/Ascension/Ascension/Robert Lee [5:53]
Robert Lee/Wild Wind/Ascension/Robert Lee [7:07]
Robert Lee/Day Dreams/Ascension/Robert Lee [6:24]

Second hour
Ben Sidran/There Used to be Bees/Blue Camus/Nardis [7:23]
Denman Maroney/Curl/Martingale/Denman Maroney [4:51]
The Walt Wagner Trio/Low Fat/Trajectory [EP]/Semaphone [4:48]
Wolfgang Muthspiel/Angular Blues/Angular Blues/ECM [5:55]
Ron Carter/Ten Strings/Uptown Conversation/Embryo [5:35]
Ron Carter/Tierra Espanola/New York Slick/OJC [8:50]
Ron Carter/United Blues/Third Plane/Milestone [3:01]
Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio/Spartacus Love Theme/Live in Studio/Whaling City Sound [3:38]
Josephine Beavers/Because of You/Prime Time/Grand Songbook Productions [4:52]
Sasha’s Bloc/Cigarettes, Coffee and Champagne/Club Rendezvous/Label Logic [4:10]
Kathleen Grace/John the Revelator/Tie Me to You/Monsoon [5:17]
Amber Weekes/Gone at Last/Pure Imagination/Amber Inn Productions [4:16]
Carmen Lundy/Burden down, Burden Down/Modern Ancestors/Afrasia [3:58]
Ron Carter, Danny Simmons/Here’s to Oscar/The Brown Beatnik Tomes/Blue Note [2:52]

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