Itinerant Mind: Now You Are Here (Audio)

Feb 17, 2018
Performed by Morrad + McArthur.

This month’s Itinerant Mind opens with a new piece titled “Emergence” recorded recently while Annie was in Australia. This is followed by an improvised piece with Ross Oliver on guitar and porcelain, Annie on tenor sax, and Ian with field recordings, and electronics.

Last month’s Itinerant Mind featured Annie Morrad’s score for artist Andrew Bracey’s film "Lace Works”. This month we also feature another of the 10 pieces commissioned by Bracey for the sound track to his film. Morrad+McArthur have reworked the composition “Lace" by the composer, conductor and instrumentalist Robert Steadman. Robert scored the composition in Sibelius with Ian remixing.

This is followed by a sequence of three shorter new Morrad+McArthur works including pieces from our ongoing Project Anywhere program “The Grid”.