Talk Radio: Sandra Suazo, Ingrid Plum, Moshi Moshi (Audio)

May 31, 2023
Hosted by Kurt Gottschalk.

Talk Radio 07
Mads: Talk Radio [Bandcamp, 2020]
Nic Collins: It Was a Dark And Stormy Night [It Was a Dark And Stormy Night, Trace Elements, 1992]
Sandra Suazo: Carteles [La Materia Verbal: Antología de la Poesía Sonora Peruana, Buh Records, 2022]
Ivor Kalin: Hegel Don’t Bother Me [A Goose is a Horse, Linear Obsessional, 2012]
Randy Greif: The Rift in the Earth [Golden Joy Club, Swinging Axe Productions, 1986]
Ingrid Plum: Smile (Kill the Angel) [Her Indoors, Women Composers Collective, 2020]
Moshi Moshi: TTYL [Firmament, Mikroclimat, 2020]

Talk Radio is a radio show that utilizes talking to make radio. It considers words as sound, sound as communication, communication as art and art as words. Talk Radio is like a fortress made of phonemes and phrases in a land where nonsensical sentences, syntax and syllables live free.