Itinerant Mind: Refuser (Audio)

Mar 17, 2018
Performed by Morrad + McArthur.

Last month on Itinerant Mind we mentioned our involvement with Project Anywhere the global blind peer reviewed exhibition program dedicated to promoting art and artistic research at the outermost limits of location-specificity.

Through the project “The Grid” our method of practice-led research applied within this study interposes grid structures on (1) London: via an ordinance survey map with a hand drawn stave creating a 'music' score based on various intersections. This includes the boroughs of Hackney, Camden and Islington, also providing images still and moving from which to generate video content; (2) on Sydney via structured sound drones rendered in open source and proprietary software platforms where underpinning time-based grids predominate and influence perceptions of time and modes of composition; (3) Chongqing, China via field recordings where the grid is implied through duration; and (4) on Wave Farm Radio, where the durational format using an interwoven network of noise, saxophones (alto, tenor and soprano), creates structures that offer pretention for new and efferent forms of sound.

This month’s broadcast features a diverse range of material including Project Anywhere pieces related to Sydney and Chongqing. Starting and ending with excerpts from The Grid related to Sydney and generated by Ian McArthur. We feature some new Morrad+McArthur material and an excerpt from a recent improvised performance on February 23rd at Weird Garden in Lincoln, UK, by Annie Morrad and Ross Oliver with Peter K Rollins. This included Ross with his method of playing guitar with porcelain pieces and his field recordings, Peter with his own hand made 'Sonic Sword' (and Ernie the robot drummer), and Annie on tenor saxophone.

Also featured is a new recording of our composition "The Shadow” to be released on our upcoming album “Shadowed”. Field recordings from “The Grid" intersperse the broadcast including part of a fascinating recording of chanting at the 1500 year old Bao Lun Buddhist Temple in Ciqikou, Chongqing during December 2017.