The Radio Art Hour: Porest, Selestra (Audio)

Jun 10, 2023
Produced by Tom Roe.

This week tune in a radio play from Porest, and a shortwave radio blast from Selestra. First, Porest makes agitprop sound art, post-globalized hate-pop, diabolical radio dramas, and carefully rearranged realities, and that applies to their 2017 radio play "Flimsy Tomb" that is included here. Then stay tuned for Selestra's "Dispatches from Radiotopia: Hamburg Rehearsal." Selestra, is the electronic music project of the artist and writer Adriana Knouf. They write, "Recorded during the first rehearsal of RADIOTOPIA, these tracks guide shortwave frequencies into a portable modular system for signal transmutation. Understanding or decoding is not the point, but rather these signals act like any other voltage in the system: one to be manipulated, one that can travel through the wires to modulate another parameter. Paired with algorithmic generation of melodies, the EP manifests a merging of generated and captured voltages from around the world."

Welcome to "The Radio Art Hour," a show where art is not just on the radio, but is the radio. "The Radio Art Hour" draws from the Wave Farm Broadcast Radio Art Archive, an online resource that aims to identify, coalesce, and celebrate historical and contemporary international radio artworks made by artists around the world, created specifically for terrestrial AM/FM broadcast, whether it be via commercial, public, community, or independent transmission. Come on a journey with us as radio artists explore broadcast radio space through poetic resuscitations and playful celebrations/subversions of the complex relationship between senders and receivers in this hour of radio about radio as an art form. "The Radio Art Hour" features introductions from Philip Grant and Tom Roe, and from Wave Farm Radio Art Fellows Karen Werner, Jess Speer, Andy Stuhll, José Alejandro Rivera, Tyler Maxin, and Iru Ekpunobi. The Conet Project's recordings of numbers radio stations serve as interstitial sounds. Go to for more information about "The Radio Art Hour" and Wave Farm's Radio Art Archive.