WGXC Live: Sound Mill (Młyn dźwięków) (Audio)

Sep 28, 2019

Live from former Wave Farm artist-in-residence, Knut Aufermann, this radio play will take place at the Hilbert Mill in Dzierzoniow. In spacious halls, between antique machines, still bearing traces of flour, stations with micro-concerts, improvisations, shows and installations have been planned. The audience is led from floor to floor, from station to station, following the route of the mill's production line, experiencing its history and present among sounds, noise, singing, stories.

Hilbert's mill, was erected in 1868 for the Hilbert brothers, then expanded and modernized in the 1930s, belongs to the largest steam and then electric mills in Lower Silesia and operated continuously until the end of 2016. A complete technological line with full historic production equipment has been preserved, the whole is an amazing scenery to delve into the world of sounds.

Artists: Knut Aufermann, Frauke Berg, Gunnar Geisse, Wojciech Kurek, Barbara Kuźmińska, Aleksander Moś, Udo Noll, Hania Piosik, Katarzyna Pokuta, Mateusz Rosiński, Ralf Schreiber, Sarah Washington, Barbara Wójcik-Wiktorowicz. More information at