Turn On The News: Impeachment Dream (Audio)

Feb 18, 2021
Produced by Tom Roe.
Turn On The News" is the weekly newscast from the fictional Radio Network, with parody radio coverage of the radio and its headlines. Now with computerized news readers, and fewer meddling reporters, plus aggregated reporting, and automated music. Tune in "Turn On The News" each week for the latest news, radio art, and more from our robot reporters, making sure you hear both sides -- good and evil -- every time you "Turn On The News." This week: "Impeachment Dream" This week the former president has a second impeachment nightmare. Songs from Husker Du ("Turn On The News"), The Everly Brothers ("All I Have to Do is Dream"), and R.E.M. ("Losing My Religion"). Clips and excerpts from "The Late Show;" Donald Drumpf, Jr.; Donald Drumpf; The Onion Public Radio; Seth Meyers; Stephen Colbert; Diana DeGette; Stacey Plaskett; Joe Neguse; John Oliver; Ted Cruz; Bruce Castor; David Schoen; Michael T. van der Veen; Alex Moffat; Kate McKinnon; Mikey Day; Pete Davidson; Jar Jar Binks; Katy Tur; Jamie Raskin; Joaquin Castro; Ted Lieu; Statler and Waldorf; Patrick Leahy; Trevor Noah; Nicolle Wallace; Mitch McConnell; Jimmy Kimmel; Ron Johnson; Pamela Ewing; and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.