Situation Fluxus: Monika Herzig, Julia Reardin (Audio)

Mar 23, 2023
Hosted by Cheryl K.
Monika Herzig, Julia Reardin Thursday, March 23 Hosted and produced by Cheryl K. In this hour, a conversation with Monika Herzig, Jazz pianist, composer, and Professor of Artistic Research at Indiana University, and Julia Reardin, video producer and digital photographer. They’ve co-produced Both Sides of Joni by Julia’s mom, vocalist Janiece Lyn Jaffe, who died in 2022. A weekly one-hour program focused on Jazz and improvised music, news, radio, conversations and more. Hosted by Cheryl K., host of The Jazz Disturbance, every Sunday on WGXC-FM. PLAYLIST ARTIST/SONG/TITLE/LABEL Jane Irving/Spring Song/Baby Don’t You Quit Now/Don’t Quit Now/Jane Irving [3:19] [SINGLE] Reginald Policard and Richard Bona/Melancolia/Encuentro [4:36] John Bailey/Long Ago and Far Away/Time Bandits/Freedom Road [5:15] Bonzo Squad/Langebaan/ Pachyderm/Bonzo Squad [5:16] Sam Bardfeld/Refuge/Refuge/BJU [6:14] [excerpt] Janiece Jaffe, Monika Herzig/Help Me/Both Sided of Joni/Acme [7:23] [excerpt] Janiece Jaffe, Monika Herzig/River/Both Sided of Joni/Acme [5:09] [excerpt] Janiece Jaffe, Monika Herzig/Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow/Both Sided of Joni/Acme [7:44] [excerpt] Janiece Jaffe, Monika Herzig/Sweet Bird/Both Sided of Joni/Acme [5:32] [excerpt] Janiece Jaffe, Monika Herzig/Both Sides/Both Sided of Joni/Acme [6:11] Louis Stewart/Spring is Here/Out on His Own/Livia [2:45]