Disinformation Part 8 (Audio)

Produced by Bianca Biberaj.
The work of multidisciplinary art and research project Disinformation has taken the form of many media, including eight record releases, numerous installations, live performances, film collaborations, and written texts. This eight-part durational broadcast features the records produced by or in collaboration with Disinformation, using electromagnetic noise as its main medium of experimentation. From 1996 to 2005, these works render audible signals that go largely unheard and unstudied.

Antiphony 2 1997
    S.E.T.I. N=N (7:41)
Disinformation - Live in Moscow - The Dom Culture Centre, Moscow, 11/26/2000 (7:01)
    Joe Banks - Live Mains Electricity, Loran-C (VLF radionavigation signals), Electronic Flash
    Mike Walter & Andy Knight - Saxophones
Disinformation - Live at The Spitz - London, 12/01/1999 (6:34)
    Joe Banks - Live Mains Electricity
    Rob Mullender - Arc Welding
Disinformation & Strange Attractor - Hull Art Lab, 02/04/2005 (1:24)
    Joe Banks - Live Mains Electricity, High Voltage Static Electricity Generators
    Mark Pilkington - High Voltage Electro-Medical Machines
Disinformation - Monash University Museum of Art - Melbourne, 06/04/2015 (1:41)
    Electromagnetic noise recordings from the “Sense Data & Perception” CD, plus military
    communications chatter and voices from the soundtrack of “Sedmikrásky” (“Daisies”)
    by Věra Chytilová
Barcelona (6:15)
9v DC Supply With Home-Made Copper Solenoid (3:57)
Absolute Zero (5:00)
Untitled Test Sequence - Sine-Wave Speech Demonstration, 2004 (4:23)