Catskill Cabin Conversations: Nicole Porter (Audio)

Jan 14, 2019
Nicole Porter grew up in the foothills of the Adirondacks surrounded by a large extended family. After high school she followed her older brother to RIT, where she earned her BS in applied math. Nicole met her future sister-in-law during grad school at U of R and remained in Rochester for four years, working for a biotech company as a data manager. Getting married in 2015 led her to relocate to Greenville, NY where she works remotely for the same company. Her hobbies include running, playing games, and hiking with her husband and dog. On each show, invited guests are asked to discuss a number of items that they would take with them to their Catskill Cabin get-away. As Mike and Andy discuss their chosen items, it is intended that you, the listener, will enjoy getting to know each guest that little bit better.