Tongue and Cheek: Reeds (Audio)

Feb 04, 2020
Voiced and led by Tim Simonds, Aaron Lehman and Emma McCormick-Goodhart.

Reeds— single reeds and double reeds, idioglottal and heteroglottal reeds, creaking wood, “two bodies that must meet on like terms,” being rubbed the wrong way, pommer, crumhorn and zurna, not extending the voice but creating the voice outside of the body, Georgian polyphony, Choir of Shilda, Ensemble Basiani, Johannes Ciconia, and Crumhorn Consort.

Joined by Mauro Hertig, composer of ensemble, chamber and site-specific music. Mauro Hertig was born in Switzerland, and studied composition in Zurich and Graz. He was based in Vienna since 2014, and since 2017 has also been in New York.


This episode of Tongue and Cheek was first broadcast on Montez Press Radio as Tongue and Cheek- Ep15: Reeds- Saturday, November 23, 2019, 11 a.m.-12 p.m.