Unknown America: Tornadoes (Audio)

Jun 16, 2024

This episode is all about tornadoes - firsthand accounts of experiencing them, their impact on American infrastructure, the supernatural, and more.

"Unknown America" is a show that dives into places, people, events, and other aspects of American history that often go overlooked. Through occasional interviews, on-site reporting, frantically obsessive research, and personal accounts, the listener will emerge out the other side just a bit wiser and more curious about the forgotten footnotes of history that make America fascinating, curious, and complicated.

Hali Palombo is a composer, visual artist, filmmaker, shortwave radio enthusiast, and amateur historian from the Midwestern United States. Born in Northfield, Minnesota, she has had a natural curiosity about radio and the Midwestern United States from a young age. Her work often weaves the absurdity and mundane beauty of Illinois into her records, short films, drawings, and paintings.