Tracking the Odds: Matthew Shipp Trio (Audio)

Jan 18, 2018
Produced by Roulette Intermedium.

A live concert by the Matthew Shipp Trio, recorded January 22, 2004 as part of the Roulette Concert Series held at the Thalia Theater in Manhattan. The Trio features Shipp on piano, William Parker on bass, and Whit Dickey on drums. Shipp is widely praised for his synthesis of jazz traditions both as a pianist and composer. From Delaware, Shipp moved to New York in 1984, and has been very active since the early 1990s, appearing on dozens of albums as a leader, sideman, or producer. He was initially most active in free jazz, and his collaborative spirit and adventurous nature has lead to projects in genres including contemporary classical, hip hop and electronica. A bonus track of Shipp with the Anti-Pop Consortium entitled SVP, from their 2013 release, closes out the program.