Office Hours: Joel Evey and Laura Coombs, Designers (Audio)

Nov 15, 2018
Produced by Food New York.

Contrary to a lot of our other guests, Joel paused his own company to move into a large scale corporate environment. He talks to us about "flattening heirarchies", breaking down time to build up slowly, and bringing joy to your work.

Joel was joined by his friend, collaborator, and fellow designer Laura Coombs for part of the interview, which originally aired on November 15, 2018.

Joel Evey is a visual maker. He has recently rebuilt the creative team at the GAP in New York, as Global Senior Creative Director. Under his lead, this team is focused on reimagining the classic American brand. Prior to GAP, Joel was an Art Director for Need Supply Company and Urban Outfitters, collaboratively creating an era in Urban Outfitters’s history known for its prolific output of experimental books, playful zines, and saturated posters. Joel is also the founder and creative director of his own companies, Pathh and Lighht, working with brands and institutions including Nike, Levi’s, Bloomberg Business Week, and the ICA Philadelphia, among many others. Originally from California, Joel studied graphic design at CalArts, and as an independent educator, has been a critic or lectured at UPenn, SUNY Purchase, Pratt, MICA, CalArts, and more. His honors, self-published works, and additional side projects are too numerous to name. Joel lives between New York and Philadelphia, and drives a 1980 El Camino named Henrietta.

Laura Coombs is a graphic designer and art director in New York, currently the Senior Designer at the New Museum of Contemporary Art and a Visiting Professor at Pratt Institute.

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