Li Le, Li Tan: 20231008 (Audio)

Oct 08, 2023

The Sunday edition of the "WGXC Afternoon Show" is "Li Le, Li Tan," a Creole language radio program meaning "it’s the time, it’s the hour." The show's mission is to promote Haitian language, music, arts and culture; to raise awareness and to discuss Haiti’s history and its relevance to today’s world; and to share news on current events happening here in the counties and in Haiti. Broadcast live from Columbia County, New York.

Known as Azouke Legba, Gregory Sanon, a native of Haiti and co-founder of HCDP, is a musician with compositions ranging from political protest, to support for children’s rights and health, to spiritual music for Voodoo ceremonies. He fuses his native music with traditional rock music such as that of Jimmy Hendrix and Santana. He has played with the famous dancer and choreographer Kathryn Dunham.

  • Take No Prisoners / No Label Necessary
  • Handel: Water Music, Suite No.1 in F Major: VI. Bouree - VII. Hornpipe / Riccardo Muti/Berliner Philharmoniker
  • What's Love got to do with it / Mima
  • Nou vle / Ansy Dérose
  • Nèg Chanté / Nomadic Massive
  • Se Sistem Nan Ki Blo / Mikaben
  • J'ai grandi dans un ghetto / Wesli
  • Bato / Vox Sambou
  • Nostalgie / Leon Dimanche
  • Va-t-en / Leon Dimanche