Race Talks: Emily Bush, Kimberly Adams Tuft (Audio)

Nov 21, 2023

In this broadcast, host Kimberly Y. Erwin speaks with Emily Bush, Program Manager of Data and Impact at African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative or AWEC, as well as Dr. Kimberly Adams Tuft, aka Dr. KAT. They shed light on the disparities women face in entrepreneurship and the workforce. Dr. KAT is an expert in academia and focuses on the challenges women face in securing tenure, achieving promotion, and establishing pay equity. Bush will share insights from her work at AWEC and as the Program Coordinator for the USA Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative.

"Race Talks," hosted by intercultural communicator and author Kimberly Y. Erwin, provides expertise on the topic of race and ethnicity. With the national conversation in the media over racial inequity, ignorance or indifference is not a proper retreat. Erwin enjoys speaking with people from every walk of life, ethnic make-up, and varied perspectives to better instruct, engage, and inform listeners with positive and constructive conversations on all things race and ethnicity — which is very necessary to break down structural and societal racism. No topic is taboo. Here, listeners engage with the host, other expert guest educators, activists, organizers, and community members as they disseminate their knowledge (ie. varying terminologies, historical realities, and current opportunities for engagement) for a better informed, appreciative, and active local citizenry.

About the host

An educator, writer, and entrepreneur, Erwin enjoyed her studies as a Hudson High School graduate (attending her senior year at Columbia-Greene Community College) and graduated from Spelman College in Atlanta (noted the #1 Historical Black College and University by "U.S. News") where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and French. Upon receiving a Masters in Science degree from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in Intercultural Communication, Erwin ventured into the areas of international administration, multicultural leadership, and various teaching positions within the U.S. and globally.

Upon returning to Hudson Valley, Kimberly started a media company (OneUniversal Media) endeavoring to give voice to members in communities experiencing gross inequities who yearn to create common means of communicating and celebrating their identity while still challenging societal norms. Erwin is a founding member of Africa's Daughters of the Diaspora (ADD), She holds volunteer positions as a Hudson Area Library Trustee, an on-air programmer at WGXC-FM, and with the Hudson City School District (where her children's book was informed).

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