Itinerant Mind: Rúyì ই (Audio)

Dec 21, 2019
Hosted by Morrad + McArthur.

This piece explores the experience of looking from the outside in. Written and created in tandem with experiencing a three week residency in the metropolis Chongqing in south-west China, the music here attempts to delve into the intensity of the experience as a whole, and translate the endless quality of the city and it’s pulsating culture into a sound format. An infinite feeling of possibility exists in the city, paired with an infinite diversity of sound throughout, making repurposing field recordings of the city the best possible technique for creating the piece. Water, Sichuan pepper, vast vegetation and the Chongqing dialect play a large role in influencing the outcome of this composition, although this only scratches the surface of what exists within the city, as does having only 58 minutes of time to describe it. This is by no means a complete representation of Chongqing, although it functions as a small relic of something far greater. Production: Owen Redmond. Additional Production: Jacqueline OReilly. Field Recording Contributions: Annie Morrad, Eloise Mcrea Steele, Harry Copas, Ian McArthur, Jacqueline OReilly, Mija Healey, Owen Redmond, Remy Faint.