Overlooked: New Releases, Finally (Audio)

Feb 24, 2021

This rebroadcast from Feb. 23, 2021 comes during week two of WGXC’s Winter 2021 10th Anniversary Pledge Drive, a perfect time to play music released in 2021 that highlights a variety of musical perspectives, genres and strategies. Broadcasting live from Overlook Mountain, host Rob Saffer will stitch together lots of guitars; some unusual covers; choral, string, chamber classical-type music; vocals; rock; noise; Milford Graves; a dash of sauerkraut and more. The music of Milford Graves; Petra Haden; Sleaford Mods; Sunburned Hand of the Man; Chris Corsano and Bill Orcutt; Bisbaye; Stella Research Committee; Cameron Knowler and Eli Winter; Deniz Cuylan; Benoit Delbecq; Hafez Modrizadeh; Mark Feldman; Elliot Sharp; Osvaldo Golijov; Dmitry Shostakovich; Paul Hindemith; Chuck Johnson; Josquin Des Prez; and Terry Gross is featured.

After the local news at noon, “Overlooked” is a show focusing on overlooked and under-heard jazz, improvisational, and other fringe music, from early roots to contemporary experiments, a mix of familiar to rare, classic to weird.

Host Rob Saffer is the former Executive Director and Producer of the Creative Music Foundation.