WGXC Afternoon Show: Esther Sibiude (Audio)

Jan 23, 2021

Two radio plays are featured by radio artist and harpist Esther Sibiude:

ESRA lives in a studio apartment filled with gadgets and souvenirs that she buys online. Everything gets delivered to her and she doesn’t ever leave the house. Isolated, she accidentally falls in love with herself. The only way she escapes her habits is when she dreams.

CRISIS BABY CRISIS is a radio tale with music by Esther Sibiude and Gobby, narrated by Jett Strauss. A young and wealthy couple moves from one metropole to the other in the attempt to escape the political and ecological crises that each new place confronts them with. Detached, they observe the world around them, without ever feeling rooted, and move whenever things get hard. Text: Esther Sibiude. Sound design: Gobby. Harp: Esther Sibiude. Narration: Jett Strauss

The WGXC Afternoon Show features local news, interviews with community leaders and personalities, a rundown of local and regional events, weather updates, and more about and for the community. The show is a place for a community conversation about issues, with music, and more. Saturday the emphasis is more on radio art, and art on the radio.