Bells, Bugs, Whispers & Plinks: Wave Farm Audio Journal 1 (Audio)

Oct 29, 2019
Hosted by Stephen Bradley and Edward Ruchalski.

Bells, Bugs, Whispers & Plinks radio program is inspired by a Wave Farm artist-residency that Bradley and Ruchalski were awarded in summer 2019 that focuses on composed, chance, and found sounds based on different places from around the globe. Other works we are interested in broadcast are based on concepts of serialism and ultra-rationality, acoustic ecology, aleatory and anti-rational, musique concrète, microtonal, lowercase, sound/noise, synthetic and ambient phonographic spaces. Please contact Bradley at ( or Ruchalski ( for information about the program or submission inquiries.

Track 1: John Cage’s Rain Sticks & Bird. Bradley & Ruchalski, 4:40
Track 2: Cicada Late Summer, John Hudak, 8:00
Track 3: Music for Alpha Waves, Assorted Percussion and Automated Coded Relays, Alvin Lucier, 4:05
Track 4: Radio Climate, Stephen Bradley, 7:31
Track 5: Skittering (from Fall ’18), Edward Ruchalsk, 3:30
Track 6: The Bells of Saint Higgins, Bradley & Ruchalski, 15:29