Transmit Partner Stream: New Ear Festival 2019 with Stephen Vitiello and Taylor Dupree (Audio)

Jan 12, 2019
Transmit Partner Stream from Fridman Gallery Engineered by Patrick Nininger.

Wave Farm Radio is pleased to present a live broadcast and stream of Fridman Gallery's fourth annual New Ear Festival, featuring performances by: Mary Lucier (I Am Sitting in a Room, slide projector, stopwatches) Luke Stewart (bass, electronics) / Miriam Parker (dance) / Patrick Cain (video); Bob Bellerue (amplified and acoustic percussion, feedback) (Wed Jan 9); Leila Bordreuil; LXV (Dave Wesley Sutton); Charmaine Lee + id m theft able; Kieran Morris (Thu Jan 10); Screening of Milford Graves Full Mantis; Susie Ibarra, Brian Chase (Fri Jan 11); Stephen Vitiello and Taylor Dupree (Sat Jan 12); The New York Theremin Society workshops and concert (Sun Jan 13).

All performances 8 pm. Tickets and more information at