Making Waves: Faisal Karadsheh, Anton Pickard, Juro Kim Feliz (Audio)

Apr 08, 2023
Produced by New Adventures in Sound Art.

This episode of "Making Waves" replays the online listening gathering "Remote Connections" presented by NAISA for the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art on March 4, 2023. Included on the show is Faisal Karadsheh's "to be heard (soundwalk’in_2021)," which is derived from recordings of street protests in Toronto responding to national and international events, as well as Anton Pickard's Sound Connections which features the sounds of dial up modems, morse code and the RCI shortwave interval signal. The show concludes with Juro Kim Feliz's "Kinalugarán" highlights the invisibility of Filipino artists based in first-world diaspora. To listen and watch the entire discussion go to NAISATube.