Olivia's Radio Ravioli: i am basically light hearted. Part 1. (Audio)

Jul 01, 2017
Created by Olivia Bradley-Skill.

This mix features Tewa Indian Women's Choir, Lau Nau, No Joy, Endless Boogie PSA's about voting and drinking & driving, soundscapes of fast food restaurants, Jimmie Durham speaking about art, cuts from "Terrorists in Love" by Chris Kraus, Julianne Moore's laughter, Lou Reed's "High In The City", Nocturnal Emissions, Patio's "Luxury", "My Heart" by Donnie & Joe Emerson,"Past Present and Future" by the Shangri-Las, "Key Largo" by Anita O'Day, and "Blame It On Disco" by Cristina. In a stew of intimate electronics, bad poetry, and tender murk, we swap tongues and reach for more.

Olivia Bradley-Skill likes digging up old sensations to find new meaning. Her radio work is a live collage, which warps, overlaps, and extends sound and language, so as to intensify the medium's interactive and elusive qualities. She uses radio to represent the mind, how we listen, and how we forget what we remember.