Olivia's Radio Ravioli: Electric Ravioli. Part 2. (Audio)

Jun 02, 2018
Created by Olivia Bradley-Skill.

Tune in for special audio treats, provided by an amplification and transformation of our kitchen instruments! This week's Radio Ravioli is live from WFMU's own kitchen, and we're making Electric Ravioli, which buzzes and crackles. The sounds that you are hearing are created by adhering a contact mic to the sides of tomato cans, beer cans, in water and sauce, and more! As different materials and objects interact with these surfaces, the vibrations get picked up from the contact mic. Feat. Tom Cameron's "Music To Wash Dishes By", Lea Bertucci's "Accumulations", Emerson Kitamura's "Rock Your Baby (feat. mmm)", Juana Molina's "Los Pies Helados", Glenn Branca's "The Spectacular Commodity (For Eiko and Koma)", and Tiny Desk Unit's "Little Metal Teeth." In a stew of intimate electronics, bad poetry, and tender murk, we swap tongues and reach for more.