Making Waves: Interacting with Waves featuring Mario van Horrik and BlablaTRAINS (Audio)

Sep 08, 2018
Produced by New Adventures in Sound Art.

This episode of Making Waves features two very different methods for creating interactive and collaborative sound art works. In the first half Darren Copeland interviews Mario van Horrik. He is one half of a collaborative team with Petra Dubach that have been active as a multidisciplinary duo since 1983. They will be guests of NAISA September 28-30 with their installation Waves Playground and live performance Table Piece.

In the second half of the show we will listen to a performance by BlablaTRAINS that took place recently on August 4 at the NAISA North Media Arts Centre in South River. Blablatrains are a Montreal duo consisting of Ana Dall'Ara Majek and Takuto Fukuda. They play digital instruments that use theatrical physical gestures in order to control sound and to communicate with each other on stage.