Itinerant Mind: 2Flux (Audio)

Aug 17, 2019

This month’s Itinerant Mind remixes some of our more recent recordings of live improvisations exampled in last month’s Itinerant Mind broadcast via our usual methodology using Skype and Mixlr while juxtaposing these with edits from long-form, minimal code and guitar-based experimentation by McArthur. These are comprised of layers of generative sound that is looped in a non-sequenced mode exemplified in the soundscape that introduces the broadcast. The process is essentially one of creating and refining atmospheres and textures by DJ'ing multiple separate snippets of code and field recordings while improvising over these. The foregrounding of these new elements creates an affect that reflects an emergent approach to instrumentation we have been moving towards - one that we hope will continue to develop and enliven our practice through a subtle evolution.