Itinerant Mind: encounter 10 (air:wind) (Audio)

Feb 01, 2020
Performed by Annie Morrad.

Writes Annie Morrad, "This piece is part of a three year multi-media project which includes; sound recording, video, photography, photographic documentation, screen printing, drawing and painting, music and sound.

The encounter is always in one location and with the same set of individuals. There are two main components to the encounters, both of which include myself (annie morrad) and an ‘other’, neither speak each other’s language but form a bond through ‘exchange’. One brings knowledge, the other brings goods. All the sound recordings, written and spoken word, composed music, instruments and saxophone playing and computer sound editing are by annie morrad.

This piece, ‘encounter 10 (air:wind)’ is one ‘moment’ in a time-line of constructed music and sound which forms part of a final installation of ‘the encounter’ in 2021/2. All the location sounds are from one place, which is an open area, where the 'encountered’ freely come and go from various locations, some miles away. The location sound is left raw, the ‘encountered’ often treading on the mic...and the wind, features constantly as an active, disruptive sound element. The ‘encounter’ has repetition throughout and therefore is a constructed piece.