Andrew Richard Porter (Image)

Jan 21, 2021
Photo by Andy Reid.
Andrew Richard Porter. Also known as “Andy” with close friends and family, Andy grew up in Texas and always had an interest in outdoor activities. After high school graduation, Porter attended Texas Tech University for one year and then joined the United States Navy. Trained as a Sonar Technician, Andy was stationed on the USS Ross, providing him the opportunity to explore the world and visit countries that would have otherwise been unavailable to him, giving him a greater perspective and appreciation of other cultures. Porter left the Navy after 10 years of service. He currently works as a defense contractor for Valkyrie Enterprises in Virginia Beach. Porter is an avid fisherman, a bird watcher, gardener, and naturalist; he loves camping, canoeing, 3D printing, Warhammer 40k, painting, woodworking, and playing sports with his kids.
Andrew Richard Porter