Here To Go: #15 New Moon (Audio)

Jan 30, 2021
Hosted by Xian Hawkins.

HTG #15 New Moon Tracklist
Contagious Yawns - thoughts that think themselves
Oneohtrix Point Never - cross talk 1
Sockethead - devotion
CS + Kreme - saint
Ase Manual - lawdaa mercy
Romeo Poirier - atispades
LA Tampa - deaf in three corners
David Toop - tiny human figures made from sand
Leila - something
Parris - soft rocks with socks
Işık Kural - on a clothesline
Oneohtrix Point Never - cross talk 2
Rachika Nayar - the trembling of glass
David Toop - all I desire
Innsyter - morning blend
Call Super - pay as you glow
Sockethead - love loss missing yearning
Tarotplane - we move slowly thru the past
Ana Roxanne - camille