Voices Lost and Calling (Audio)

Jan 01, 1989
Created by Frances Dyson
A highly original and intriguing radio art suspense story. It opens with a woman friend telling the narrator that she'd been hearing voices in the middle of the night but that no one was there, and that she had the uncanny feeling that it was she herself who was speaking, but in a voice not her own. The narrator does not know how to respond and is relieved when the telephone rings. But as soon as she picks up the phone the call is terminated. More terminated calls follow. "Voices without bodies. Calls without callers. I had the impression of a massive but anonymous switchboard dialing in, perhaps to check on my continued existence." Will she be able to listen and thus be truly "called"? Who is the voiceless caller from the other side? Commissioned by The Listening Room, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.