Tongue and Cheek: Cordially (Audio)

Dec 03, 2019
Voiced and led by Tim Simonds, Aaron Lehman and Emma McCormick-Goodhart.

Cordially— farewells, undressing and dressing the voice “mm / ah,” layer of people, wrapping gifts, “polite speech is a kind of wrapping of thoughts and intentions,” politeness in the womb, “One good way to start a letter of refusal is to agree with the reader on some point. This establishes a feeling of working together… ‘We agree that a watch running only part of the time is useless,’” words to give others a feeling of power and other epistolary sympathies, governmentalities as extensions of the body, things you can suppose other people want, “ornamentation is as vast as the world—cosmos and cosmetics, appearance and essence. Ornament equals order and embellishment is equivalent to law,” hinging off the back of an other’s hand. Lillian Eichler Watson’s The Bantam Book of Correct Letter Writing, Joy Hendry’s Wrapping Culture, Harold E. Meyer, Agnes Denes, Matsuo Basho, Moondog, Emily Dickinson, Percy Sledge

Tongue and Cheek is radio series of proprioceptive exercises, interviews about practices of communication, and archival sound. A routine for warming up our means of communication. Presented monthly as a combination of live and prerecorded sessions. Tongue and Cheek was first developed and aired on Montez Press Radio beginning in the summer of 2018. This episode originally aired on October 26, 2019. Montez Press Radio is an experimental radio station and commissioning platform for unexpected works from artists and other creative voices. MPR continues to air new episodes of Tongue and Cheek during its monthly live broadcast at 46 Canal St in Chinatown, New York.