Music for the Masses: Pan-African Jam 2023, Part 2 (Audio)

Nov 26, 2023

This broadcast will feature a diverse selection of classic and contemporary music from across the African motherland and her diasporic family: “Africa is the root; music is the mother tongue.” (Eighth in a long-running series.)

"Music for the Masses" invites you on an excursion of sound and rhythm. Discover the music of established and emerging artists, both signed and unsigned, on the international music scene. For the avid globe-hopper and armchair traveler alike. You might want to pack a map and a sandwich. Catskill resident "DJ Neva" is an ethnomusicologist, producer, and long-time cultural activist, specializing in music from the entire African continent, as well as the Caribbean and Latin America, the Maghreb and Middle East, and the Roma (Gypsy) diaspora. Formerly the producer of "Continental Drift" on WBAI-FM and New York International on Haitian community station Radio Soleil in NYC. The show is broadcast live from Catskill, NY.

Playlists and more information here.

Selection of original DJ mixes here.

  • 9-4-9 / Quintron
  • Djarabi / African Guitar Summit
  • Ethio yo yo Pia / Minyeshu
  • Piga Ua Talaka Utatoa / Ottu Jazz Band
  • Alidonke / Kimi Djabaté
  • Nzara Hapana / Mokoomba
  • Fokk II / Alif
  • Todo Va a Marchar / Yasser Tejeda
  • Ma maison / Dobet Gnahoré
  • Chan Chan In Dub / Gaudi/Mista Savona/Havana Meets Kingston
  • Ndi Muna Uganda / Bobi Wine
  • Male Bano / Samba Touré
  • Existe Uma Voz / Rogê
  • Ko bo ke / Izaline Calister
  • Verde Cabo Di Nhas Odjos / Cesaria Evora
  • Watina / Calypso Rose
  • Toko Senga Na Nzambe (1ère version) / Ntesa Dalienst/Les Grands Maquisards
  • Samba (Hommage à Azor Rasin Mapou) / Wesli
  • Musakayike / Madalitso Band
  • Rumbera / Systema Solar
  • Shangah / Emmanuel Jal
  • Sango Ngando / Blick Bassy
  • Open Your Eyes While You Pray / KUKU
  • Africa / King Ayisoba
  • Afro maghrébin / Aziz Sahmaoui
  • Waiting for You / Rise