Tongue and Cheek: A Sound of Teaching (Audio)

Aug 10, 2021
Voiced and led by Tim Simonds, Aaron Lehman, and Emma McCormick-Goodhart.

A Sound of Teaching—with Sophie Delphis and Houman Harouni—Mezzo-soprano Sophie Delphis rehearsing an aria alongside Houman Harouni, a practice-based philosopher of education, who knows little to nothing about opera and looks for a way to teach. Originally performed on Zoom, in conjunction with the exhibition 'Teachers Monarchs and a sound of teaching' at Cathouse Proper recorded Friday, April 30, 2021.
Tongue and Cheek is voiced and led by Tim Simonds, Aaron Lehman, and Emma McCormick-Goodhart.
Joined by Sophie Delphis and Houman Harouni
Franco-American mezzo-soprano Sophie Delphis has performed with the SongFest as a Stern Fellow, iSING Festival, UMS (University Musical Society), National Sawdust, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra, Bronx Opera, Opera on the James and Bare Opera, among others. As a recitalist, she has performed programs for numerous musical and cultural organizations in the United States and China. In addition to traditional repertoire, she enjoys collaborating with composers, improvisers and theatre artists on new works. She is a soloist on the original English cast recording of Matti Kovler’s Ami and Tami and on the Grammy-nominated Naxos recording of Milhaud’s Oresteia trilogy.
Houman Harouni studies the philosophy and practice of education. His work expands the limits of what is possible in pedagogy, and how these possibilities help preserve or transform social relations. He is a full-time lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and his writings on art, theory, history, politics and science have been published in various academic and popular venues. His new book project, The Year of (Not) Learning concerns the ways we do (not) absorb the impact of the pandemic.

First broadcast on Montez Press Radio as Tongue and Cheek- Ep29: A Sound of Teaching—with Sophie Delphis and Houman Harouni- Saturday, July 31st, 2021 11AM-12:00