Tracking The Odds: Bern Nix and Ayman Fanous (Audio)

Jun 21, 2018
Produced by Roulette Intermedium.

The gentle and ferociously inventive guitarist Bern Nix (1947-2017), a former Ornette Coleman collaborator, and Egyptian bouzouki/guitar/flamenco/jazz master Ayman Fanous in duos and solos, restored from the Roulette archives. Recorded in concert in November 1996. Nix mastered Ornette’s theory of “harmolodics” and used it in his own practice. He also worked with James Chance and the Contortions, Jayne Cortez, John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Elliott Sharp, Jemeel Moondoc, Ronald Shannon Jackson, and many more. Fanous has forged a synthesis of both Arab tradition and Derek Bailey-style free improv. His collaborators include Frances-Marie Uitti, Tomas Ulrich, Jason Hwang, William Parker, Ned Rothenberg, Mark Feldman, Ikue Mori, and others.