Irradiant Waves Over New York City (Audio)

Dec 05, 2020
Created by David Goren.

This broadcast features David Goren's Irradiant Waves. Writes Goren, "You can’t see them, but the skies above New York City hold a tangle of transgressive, culture-bearing radio signals. Pulsing imperceptibly from antennas connected to clandestine rooftop transmitters, they seep through the cracks of a radio dial crammed nearly wall-to-wall with corporate controlled stations. The sounds of Soca, Reggae and Caribbean Gospel music pour out of simple FM radios in homes and community hangouts throughout tight-knit, sometimes struggling West Indian and Latinx immigrant enclaves."

Irradiant Waves was produced by David Goren for XRCB, a network of community stations in Barcelona, Spain. More information at