Itinerant Mind: Tangled (Audio)

Apr 20, 2019
Performed by Morrad + McArthur.

We are joined again this month by guitarist Ross Oliver for a live hour of improvised and distributed sonic exploration.

In more academic contexts we’ve long expressed our interest in Bachelard’s notion of time and “the instant". It’s become increasingly apparent that time plays a big part in shaping our work. Nothing new of course in that musicians deal in time - however the triangulation of site and sound through the telematic is distinct in our work, creating a new collaborative sonic space where we attempt to carve out newness via experimental mediated performance in networked sonic environments. This is further argued in our recent short film which was recently shown at the Art Anywhere? Conference at the University of Melbourne, Australia. You can check the film out on YouTube at:

April's Itinerant Mind will be a live improvisation directly referencing concepts of morning, evening, time and influences including Bachalard's view of time, producing a work composed of paradoxical, disrupted and unrepeated sounds juxtaposed in a triangulated and tangled engagement.

Annie Morrad and Ian McArthur live at opposite ends of the planet. They compose and play collaborative sound work and live performances through the use of digital software Mixlr and Skype. For live events McArthur broadcasts electronic sounds, field recordings and live mixing. Morrad plays live improvised alto and tenor saxophone against these. For their recorded sound work the starting points vary from being concept driven to "I've got this idea…."