Itinerant Mind: The September Issue (Audio)

Sep 16, 2017
Performed by Morrad + McArthur.

For the “The September Issue” of Itinerant Mind, Morrad+McArthur invited guests we have encountered in recent activities at AND Event Space in London, and during a workshop Annie participated in while in the south of France a few weeks ago.

The show kicks off with two songs, “Dalston Hipster” and “341 Bus”, from Myk Zeitlin, Alex Hodson and Lou Crisfield who make up the London-based group No Direction. Their raucous, folk sound on banjo, guitar and box drum is a lively shift in focus and feel from our usual preoccupations on Itinerant Mind. We follow this up with something altogether more tranquil - a freeform experimental improvisation where Annie Morrad, on tenor saxophone, is joined by Adrian Birch on percussion, Nathalie Zilkha on cello, and Suzie Clements on vocals. None of the artists had played together previously, prior to this extended recording being made. None the less, together they produce a wonderfully atmospheric soundscape.

The rest of Itinerant Mind this month is composed of five diverse exploratory works by Annie and Ian. We are slowly working on composing our second tangible release, a CD album that we hope to put out early in 2018. These pieces - or some of them, may or may not be part of that collection of works.