Prison Voices Project: Mujahid Farid, Jamie Fellner, Mark Mauer, Edward Hammock (Audio)

Apr 10, 2014
Hosted by Cory Fischer-Hoffman.
"If the risk is low, let them go" is the slogan of a RAPP, a new campaign working to Release Aging People in Prison. Lead organizer, Mujahid Farid joined Jamie Fellner, Senior Adviser for the U.S. Program for Human Rights Watch, and Mark Mauer, Executive Director of the Sentencing Project on a panel at Columbia University's Justice Initiative Conference on Reducing Incarceration: Endless Punishment, Long-Term Sentences, and Aging in Prison— Release and Reentry on March 28. The program will air their comments on prison, punishment and parole. Plus the former Chairman of the New York State Board of Parole, Edward Hammock, talks about the use of risk-assessment tools when making parole decisions. Hosted by Cory Fischer-Hoffman.