The Countdown: Wreckless Eric, Baba Commandant, Minami Duetsch (Audio)

Sep 30, 2023

Counting down ten new sounds, stories, or songs, "American Top 40"-style. Usually the top ten is recent songs, but sometimes there are thematic countdowns, or local music-themed shows. This week: Wreckless Eric, Baba Commandant, Minami Duetsch, and others.

  • Stereo Electronic Music No.2 / Vladimir Ussachevsky
  • Take No Prisoners / No Label Necessary
  • Dumbest Girl Alive / 100 gecs
  • Wasso / Baba Commandant, The Mandingo Band
  • if i were a fish (feat. Olivia Barton) / corook
  • To The Moon / Gary's Dream
  • Left of the Dial (Ed Stasium Mix) / The Replacements
  • Santa Cabeça / Bike
  • I Have a House / P.G. Six