WGXC Afternoon Show: Conduction Series Prompt Colon (Audio)

Dec 03, 2021

In the first hour, artists, educators, and students from CU Boulder, UC Santa Cruz, and SUNY Buffalo come together to create a monthly live radio series using the platform “Mezcal” developed by August Black. This month's broadcast features August Black, Jason Sanford, Betsey Biggs, Teri Rueb, Max Goldfarb, Andy DiLallo, Jason Geistweidt, Anna Friz, Nima Bahrehmand, and Biyi Wen.

The show features local news, interviews with community leaders and personalities, a rundown of local and regional events, weather updates, and more about and for the community. The show is a place for a community conversation about issues, with music, and more. Saturday the emphasis is more on radio art, and art on the radio. Unlike shows by individual programmers on the station, the "WGXC Afternoon Show" is considered partially station-run. The Wednesday show calls itself the "Drive-Time Show" and Sunday's is "Li Le, Le Tan."